Nick's Bistro, named after Mario's grandfather, is the culmination of three generations of inspired culinary Greek cuisine. Grandfather Nick, the person responsible for introducing the family to the restaurant industry, had four sons, including Charlie and Andrew. Both Charlie and Andrew owned a successful restaurant in Astoria for 35 years. It was here that Mario grew up sweeping and cleaning tables and then eventually it was the place where he learned the art of cooking. Many years of hard work and involvement in the restaurant inspired Mario to fulfill a dream of his own and open Nick's Bistro in October 2009. Andrew, Mario's uncle, is now the Head Chef of Nick's Bistro.


            Andy and Charlie oversee pretty much everything customers enjoy. Their dedication is what starts each day at Nick’s Bistro. Hours before the restaurant’s doors open both of them are in the kitchen making the soups, sauces and daily preparations for the meals we serve our customers each day. Most of Nick's Bistro's recipes have been passed down from Mario's grandparents and parents. Many of the other recipes were given to us by Mario's uncle George. As all Greeks know, at the heart of our culture is family. When Mario's uncle George, with 30 years of his own restaurant experience, caught wind of Mario's plan to open Nick’s Bistro he was one of the first on board to help get things started.


"We pride ourselves on the freshness of our food and would rather run out of a certain dish than serve something that is not as fresh as can be."


           The Mediterranean diet, consisting of olive oil, fresh vegetables, fresh fish and lean cooking, has become recognized as a staple for good health. Embracing that knowledge is why all of our ingredients are handpicked by Mario or are brought here from the same suppliers Mario’s father used years ago. The long lasting relationship has made it possible for us to maintain the quality of our products. We pride ourselves on the freshness of our food and would rather run out of a certain dish than serve something that is not as fresh as can be.  We are constantly striving to improve our menu which means we do not offer new menu items until we believe they are perfected and meet our high standards. At Nick’s Bistro we are not only a Greek-Mediterranean restaurant, we have adapted to what the neighborhood has requested and have made it a Greek-American restaurant.


           Alfred, the co-owner of Nick’s Bistro, has been in the restaurant industry for over ten years. His first job was a food runner at a local German restaurant in the neighborhood where he grew up. He advanced to the position of host, waiter and eventually managed the restaurant. Michael, Alfred’s older brother, has been best of friends with Mario since high school. Michael’s professional financial expertise played a vital role in coordinating the opening of Nick’s Bistro. When Nick’s Bistro opened in 2009 Alfred drove home from college on weekends to work there. After college Alfred began a professional career on Wall Street but when the opportunity presented for Alfred to join Mario in the ownership of Nick’s Bistro he accepted. No one could think of a better team.  Alfred’s background in finance and his experience working on Wall Street prepared him to oversee the financial responsibilities of the restaurant.  Mario has always been like a brother to Michael and an older brother to Alfred, when it came time to baptize their daughters, Mario and his wife couldn’t think of better people and with a sense of pride, Alfred and Michael accepted the honor.




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